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Friday, June 29, 2012

Alhamdullilah menang from Campus PLUS Magazine

Alhamdullilah ..lama rasanya x update pasal menang contest hari nie rasa nak cerita la pulak..kekkeke..exceli nie pun dah lama menang..tapi malas nak update je..hihi..syukur menang from CAMPUS Plus Magazine..tapi dal anti virus..tapi me x dapat pun lagi..kuang2.jadiah biasa2 je..tapi tetap jugak nak tulis kan..hahha..sebagai kenangan di hari tua..wah gitu lak..kekkeke

Hi Zarina Hamid,

We would like to congratulate you for being the winner of 
“Norton Internet Security 2012” prize from the Campus Plus Magazine (March Issue). 
You are required to download the collection form attached on this email and fill in the details and follow the instruction, in order to collect the prize.
*terms and conditions apply.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

Janette Joseph
Marketing & Event Executive
CampusPlus Magazine

N2 Publishing Sdn Bhd
Tel:  603-7842 6688
Fax: 603-7842 6689
H/P: 012-2190918

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