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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alhamdullilah rezeki contest

dah lama x update pasal menang dari contest kan..kekke..pasal malas and malas nak amik gambar..kekkee..ala lagi pun idok la menang banyak nie sebulan sekali nak menang pun dah x de sangat..tapi apa pun Alhamdullilah ada gak rezeki skit-skit kan..syukur..

1st menang dari MARIE CLAIRE website for april..senang je..jawap soklan and sms.Alhamdullilah dapat jugak Dr Sebagh Serum Repair worth RM 160.Cinonet je tak g amik pun hadiah nie me mintak tolong dari otai comper WANSTEADDY,dia mmg betul2 otai,banyak menang hadiah.salah satu blog yang me kunjungi tiap-tiap hari as a motivation ,(dunia contest)..terima kasih banyak2 wan tolong amikkan barang nie untuk gewe ya:-)

Dr. Sebagh Serum Repair worth RM 160 each

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected as the Winner for DR SEBAGH worth RM160.
Please present this letter with a copy of your I/C at the address below for collection:


If you are unable to collect your prize personally, you may appoint a representative to collect it on your behalf.  The representative must bring along this original letter, a copy of your I/C and a copy of his/her I/C. Please take note that if your prize is not claimed within the period given, it will be forfeited.
If you need the above prize to be couriered to you, please forward a Money Order for RM15.00 (West Malaysia) / RM25.00 (East Malaysia) OR for Cash Deposit kindly deposit to Maybank Account Number: 014187302794 (AT A MAYBANK COUNTER) and payable to Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd and kindly forward the bank in slip together with a Non-P.O.Box address, day time contact number, a copy of your I/C and this original letter.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach us at
Thank you for participating in this contest and we hope you will continue to do so in the future.
Note: Winners who come other than the time mentioned above will not be entertained.

ok hadiah kedua baru je terima pagi nie..from DISNEY JUNIOR ..contest from disney junior..DOC McSTUFFINS..wah terkejut jugak bila tiba2 bunyi posmen hon..rupanya ada parcel from singapore..tengok2 dari disney junior..wah mmg me suka sangat2..lagilah cik hannah nie peminat setia doc mcstuffin..siap hafal lagu lepas dia balik sekolah..tunjukkan la kat dia lunchbox nie..suka giler dia..what a nice day today..:-)

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